See FAQ section below for details on harvest amounts, tower naming, & tour scheduling


Honor Level

Dedicate A Tower

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Name a grow tower! You can become a permanent fixture at OD Greens, or dedicate a tower to someone who served. Check in with us to see what is being grown in your personalized tower.


DD214 Level

Tour the Farm, Name a Tower, and Harvest Your Own Share

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A unique tour of the Leafy Green Machine, instruction on harvesting directly from the owner, and take your harvested greens/herbs home!

Buy a Gift Card

An e-Gift card with a unique code will be sent to you via email. The balance can be used to purchase quality herbs & greens for local pickup or at upcoming farmer's markets this coming season. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


What is in a harvest?

Right now we are focused on only a few different crops. These include Arugula, Italian basil, Lemon basil, and Thai basil. You are welcome to up to 1 oz of each basil and 2 oz of arugula/green/lettuce.  All fresh produce is local pickup only.

What is a grow tower?

A grow tower is where the produce grows. Check out  our videos and some pictures here:

Do I get to choose what grows in the tower I name?

Unfortunately not. Some produce doesn't play nicely with others. The conditions inside the farm are controlled to specifically meet the needs of what is being grown.

When can I set up a tour?

Private tours will be done by schedule only. Due to location and the clean environment, there is a limit of 2 people per tour.

I can harvest my own produce?

Yes. As a DD214 level contributor, you are entitled to a private tour, selection of your own tower to name, and direct instruction on how to harvest your own selection of produce.

Other Questions?

If you have other questions please don't hesitate to ask. Just click below!